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The movie is due out this September. It might suck, not everyone's coming back, bunch of new faces we can't possibly get much backstory on, but who cares, it's a fine excuse for a tea party! If the movie disappoints at least the food will be good.

The Duchess, of course, being a big fan of period dramas and as close as a canine can come to being the likes of Judi Dench or Maggie Smith, will be the guest of honor. There's enough time to wrangle up a doggie outfit of some sort for her, I'm thinking pearl beads, maybe a hat.

And of course there's the menu, which has to be dog safe. I'm not letting them make a full meal or any kind of habit of it but it will be a very special treat. There's no food like people food, after all. Since I like to plan ahead, I've decided:

1. Cucumber mint sandwiches on white bread. I grow my own mint. I make quite decent white bread. There's excellent butter to be had. This is a no-brainer.
2. Brie on brown bread, for the color contrast and the savory touch. Maybe a very light portion for the Duchess, she is a large lady.
3. Plain scones, because I don't like raisins and dogs can't eat them anyway. Plenty of fancy jam in the house already for the humans, guess we'll see what's open when the time comes. I'm considering experimenting with clotting cream myself but there are reasonably acceptable substitutes to be had.
4. Some variety of tea cakes. Chocolate is out on account of dogs, but lemon sponge might be doable.

I know, I know, I'm one of those pet owners, but the Duchess should enjoy her shows as much as I do. XD


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